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Deceived by the Contemporary

First of all, I reject morality outright as representing how people should behave. Morality represents how people do behave. It is contemporary, describing complex social interactions and what people expect to gain through discourse with each other. If the key here is expectation, one must ask why people have the expectations they have. Do these not change over time?

There are two classes of people, some accepting expectations from cultural influence alone, and others who seek their way regardless of contemporary society. Some seek permission for what they want and how they live. Some do not. In any society, despite apparent tyranny and domination, there are those who seek their own way nonetheless.

Paying attention to ideology in vogue is in one's best interest, allowing adaptation to current trends. Some degree of participation in moral dialog is beneficial, so self can be represented; staking a claim so to speak.

Not only do I reject the basic premise of morality, that there exists some best, good, or appropriate way for people to be, but I reject pessimism and depravity outright. Such is the view of those dependent on society to supply personal valuations, that it does not provide ideology sufficiently inspirational, nor cause those ideas to happen in real terms.

There exists a meta morality, such that too much moralism retards the human race. Society is well served by those who seek their own way, flaunting their independence in the face of everyone else. Consider a state of supreme moral consciousness wherein everyone gave forethought to action pursuant to whatever existent standard. Would a speaking moralist really want to live in such a world? I do not think so. Perfect realization of moral ideolody effectively contradicts that ideology.

Go and do what you want as much as you want, as if you were not doing so, anyway. View what effect your actions have, however, and if those effects would be desired. Such is not morality. It is self interest.

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