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"Breaking All The Rules" is a state of mind. In order to understand its meaning, the correct essence of human nature must be known and admitted. If you fantasize that Voltaire's Candide is attainable, you are doomed to a plight of continuous confusion. Mankind is flawed at best, favors an immoral inclination and affirms a corrupt demeanor by his deeds. Perfection is reserved for the deity, while righteousness is the province of saints. The predominance of the human race is disposed towards self-centered expediency, abandoning any norm of moral virtue. Confirmed by the annals of history, the incontestable record of inhumanity and depravity is the actual legacy of social behavior.

Society is an abstract, while government is a tyrant. The State exists to survive and control. It operates on designs of dominance and its edicts are enforced by coercion. Arbitrary standards are the norm, while a pretense of lawful order is maintained. Disguised as public service, the preferable results for the favored and submissive, are the artificial rewards for compliance. Independent thinking is dangerous, dissent becomes the ultimate transgression and disobedience to the dictates of the State are the supreme sin.

The fraud of democracy conceals the curse of equalitarianism. Altruism is put forth as noble, while fairness is used as an excuse to demand conformity. Intrinsic, inherent and basic human rights are violated as the deceit of the "common good" is adopted to insure the regimentation of individuals. All the time, elites foster the rules of men, as they transgress the laws given to man, by God. Social Darwinism promotes the insanity of progress through the practice of collectivism. Secular relativism is the faith that makes possible the commands of totalitarian despots. The mob demands a more inclusive "free lunch" which invites further pretexts from charlatan politicians to consolidate their control.

Resisting depraved authority is the purpose behind the philosophy of Breaking All The Rules. Liberty entails responsibility. Because man is condemned to be free, society is damned to an eternal struggle against the partisans of enslavement. Our duty is not to any State, but resides within the advocacy and defense of principles for sensible moral human conduct. Accountability is essential. Social justice is a core ingredient of traditional values. Since each person is endowed with universal dignity, it behooves citizens to respect and protect, not only the less fortunate; but also ourselves.

Sincere genuine self interest is premised upon the reality of the human condition. Natural inborn rights of free association and property are fundamental. Authorities are obligated to attain consent of the citizen, in order to institute social policies that may conflict with individual rights. Withholding that permission is prudent, when those programs are harmful. When enactments, regulations and mandates are imposed against the will of objectors, the government violates any semblance of legitimacy.

There is no moral charge to engage or support in treating dissimilar and divergent persons as coequal, especially when they avow and retain their differences. The meaning of equal resides in the ability to accept separation. Countries succumb to national suicide when they destroy the rudimentary quality of their civilization and heritage.

When an artificial society deviates and diverts from exemplary standards, the equitable solution is to dissolve the theoretical relationship. Justification for disintegration is in the best mutual interest of clashing communities. Governments never have the rightful authority to compel coerced cohabitation. This assertion holds true for all ideologies, cultures and nations.

The multiculturalist lunacy that underpins the social disenfranchisement of the technocrat age, inevitably produces perpetual animosity. The pragmatic and ethical alternative is agreed disunion and detachment. The horrors of internationalism are a direct result of abandoning the right of individuals to disconnect themselves from unwanted social relationships. The same applies for nations and countries. The will of the world community is synonymous to a rule by elites. Attempts to foster equivalency through free trade is a scheme that diminishes independence for the innovators and creators of substance.

Demagogues preach inclusion, when the peoples of the planet want disengagement from merging into an all powerful and omnipresent New World Order. America First is the continuation of the 1776 Revolution. The prohibition from public office of rational leadership, prevents the implementation of a restoration to a true Republic. Sound traditional principles are denigrated by neocons. These counterfeit conservatives are the latest version of quisling infiltrators. Delusional progressives espouse that government can provide solutions, and refuse to accept that the State IS the primary problem.

When the Articles of Confederation were discarded, States Rights were destroyed. A vile central goverment began its uninterrupted march to usurp civil liberites and relegate the populist into bondage. The U.S. Constitution failed because it allowed the codification of systemic undeniable treason. The ascendancy of unrepresentative legislators, the arrogance of presential despots and the final arbitration by black robe lawyers sealed our fate.

The BATR message is consistent, clear and filled with common sense. Free enterprise is the basis for all wealth creation. State/Capitalism is a guarantee for economic servitude. Limited government is the key to establish the exclusive conditions where liberty can flourish. The individual is the peremptory authority, while the government’s only purpose is to serve the people. Unbridled freedom is often destructive, self restraint is judicious and vital to achive social harmony. Belief in God allows for faith to replace fear.

Fundamental principles overcome secular relativism. Our Existential approach to understanding offers hope. Albert Camus was right - A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world and integrity has no need of rules. When you learn to live by the former the the later permits you to understand the reason why - BREAKING ALL THE RULES - is constitutive and necessary.

SARTRE - Publisher of BATR

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